Notice of Race: Frostbite Race – Sunday, October 8, 2017

2017 GPSC Fall Series Course Chart


2017 GPSC Frostbite Race Notice of Race (pdf)


NOTICE OF RACE for the 2017 GPSC Frostbite

The Annual GPSC Frostbite Race is open to all seaworthy GPSC member monohull sailing yachts. It is comprised of:

One Race on Sunday, October 8, 2017

First Warning signal scheduled for approximately 1255 hours

The race starts and finishes off Windmill Pointe Marina, located in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.

MANAGEMENT RULES: The Race will be governed by the Sailing Instructions (SI) and the current “Racing Rules of Sailing” (RRS), including US Sailing Prescriptions, except as amended by the Sailing Instructions. The Race Committee shall have the authority to establish the Racing Conditions and to interpret the Racing Rules.

REGISTRATION: All entrants must notify the race committee of their intention to race. The 2017 Registration Form need only be filled out and submitted to the committee if the boat was not previously registered for GPSC race events earlier in 2017 (Spring/Summer/Fall Series). NOTE: Only those not previously registered in the Sundown series must submit a fee of $10, for boats owned by GPSC club members, (checks made payable to the Grosse Pointe Sail Club or cash). The Registration Form is included herein for those who were not previously registered. Forward the Registration Form, if needed, to:

GPSC Frostbite
C/O Mike Sherwood
1053 Yorkshire
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

If you intend to race, call, text, or email me or send an email to

WEBSITE: The GPSC website has a copy of the Notice of Race/Registration Form and will have a copy of the Sailing Instructions for the Frostbite.

AWARDS: Flags will be awarded for first, second and third place class finishers. Race Results will be announced at the Chili Party after the race. Results are usually posted the day after the races on the GPSC website. Flag awards will be presented at the Annual awards party held November 4, 2017 at the Tompkins Center building, Windmill Pointe Park.

CLASSES and STARTS: Race is two Jib and Main (JAM) classes, A (rating 153 and below) and B (rating 156 and above), with the warning to the first start scheduled for approx. 1255 hours. Starting class flag shall be code pennant 1 for start 1 (JAM A) and code pennant 2 for start 2 (JAM B). The PHRF ratings that define the division of the classes are listed in the Frostbite Sailing Instructions.

COURSES: Courses (Standard and Shortened) are set forth in the Frostbite Sailing Instructions (S.I.). Standard course is 6.7 NM and the shortened course is 4.6 NM. Start and finish are off the corner of Windmill Point Park

Marina. The course extends roughly NE into Lake St. Clair.

Notice of Race: 2017 Fall Series – Tuesdays, September 5, 12, 19, 26

2017 GPSC Fall Series Course Chart


2017 GPSC Fall Series Notice of Race (pdf)

2017 GPSC Fall Series Registration (pdf)

GPSC 2017 Race Committee Volunteer Schedule updated 9/19/2017 (pdf)

The 56th annual GPSC Tuesday Fall Series is open to all DRYA rated or One Design seaworthy Monohull Sailing Yachts. The Fall Series is comprised of 4 races on Tuesday evenings. There will be an overall award for each class. All races start and finish off Windmill Pointe Marina, located in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. Awards are presented in the fall at a party where boats placing 1, 2 or 3 in a class overall receive invitations for the skipper and four crew members at no charge for entry. Extra entry passes may be purchased at the door.

Fall Series: September 5, 12, 19, 26

Management Rules

All races will be governed by the Fall Race Sailing Instructions and The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, including US Sailing Prescriptions, except as stated herein. The races will be managed by the GPSC Race Committee, which will have the authority to establish the racing conditions and interpret the racing rules. Registration: All entrants must register for the current year GPSC Fall Series Races. The completed Registration Form, Registration Fee Form, and payment of those fees must be received by the GPSC Race Committee to complete the registration process. No retroactive scoring of races will occur for non-registered boats. You must register before you race. Boats that have raced in the 2017 GPSC Spring/Summer Sundown Race series and whose information are on file must declare their intent to race in the 2017 GPSC Fall series by email to Sailing Instructions and Registration Forms can be found on the GPSC website Questions are to be directed to

Race Results, Changes, Handicapping

Race results (subject to protests) will usually be posted on the GPSC Web Page race results section the day after each race. The QuickScore Race Scoring Program utilizing its high point scoring method is used for calculation of race results and tie breaking. Handicapping is calculated using ‘time on distance’. Any changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted to the same GPSC website race section. If there are errors or omissions in the results or registration information, contact the Race Chair (

Membership in DRYA is encouraged, handicapping of non-one-design class boats by DRYA is required. Roller furling credits will be consistent with DRYA standards. DRYA information is available at

Classes and Starts

The 2017 class splits and start times will be posted and available for downloading on the GPSC website during the week prior to the first race of the Fall series. Early registration by participants aids GPSC in determining fair and reasonable class splits. Consult the website sailing instructions for any class changes prior to the first race. The sailing instructions have a revision date on them for the purpose of tracking changes.


Course/Class assignments are set forth in the Fall Series Sailing Instructions. An illustrative map of the Sundown course with relevant approximate GPSC or Navigation buoy locations is available for download from the GPSC Sundown/Fall Series web page race section.

Special Signal for Freighter Traffic

The “F” Flag Signal, with an audible alert, will be displayed whenever a freighter or restricted vessel is in the vicinity of the starting line and course. While the “F” signal is displayed, boats waiting to start will vacate the shipping channel. Please note S.I. #1 and #1.1 regarding GPSC responsibility to the U.S. Coast Guard and enforcement of flag “F”. A GPSC patrol boat will be on station to ensure adherence of these rules by all entrants. Race entrants who interfere with commercial river traffic may be asked to immediately discontinue racing based on severity of the infraction. The Sailing Instructions will have more details.

Waiver of Liability

Refer to RRS Appendix K, paragraph 20 and Appendix L, instruction 29. Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury. Competitors in this event are participating entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race.

Cdre Denise Cotter: Principal Race Officer

Cdre Peter Baumann: Race Chair Fall Series