2017 GPSC Sailing Instructions

56th Annual Tuesday Night Sundown Series

Download these sailing instructions here: 2017 Sundown Sailing Instructions.

  1. Instructions required by the U.S. Coast Guard
    1. All Competitors shall not interfere with commercial shipping transiting the entire racing area at any time.
    2. When code flag “F” is displayed by the race committee, on shore or boat, the shipping channel downstream of the channel mark “G1”
      shall become a restricted area. Sec 1.3 then applies.
    3. Any boat inside the restricted area when code flag “F” is displayed shall exit the restricted area while staying in conformance with the requirements of Sec 1.1. Boats shall not enter the restricted area except to expeditiously cross the channel while staying in conformance with the requirements of Sec 1.1.
    4. Any boat not complying with Secs 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 may be subject to protest by the race committee and may be reported to the Coast Guard.
    5. Infraction of Secs. 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 is not subject to protest by another boat (this changes RRS 60.1)
  2. Rules
    1. The races will be governed by rules as defined in the current “Racing Rules of Sailing” (RRS) or as modified by the Sailing Instructions (SI).
    2. When there is conflict, the “Sailing Instructions” (SI) shall prevail over the Notice Of Race (this changes RRS 63.7)
    1. Signals made ashore will be displayed at the race committee end of the starting line located at the East Corner of Grosse Pointe Park Windmill Pointe Marina
    2. CommunicationDescriptionFlagAudible
      Shipping Channel Off Limits“F” flag (red diamond on white Field). SI section #1 is in effect while flag is up.SIREN (Both when hoisted and Lowered).
      Shortened Course“S” flag (blue rectangle on white field) will be displayed before the Preparatory signal of any class that it applies. (this changes RRS 32).2 long sounds.
      Recall Signal“X” flag (blue cross on white field). For individual recall.1 sound.
      Postponement Signal“AP” Pennant (3 Red, 2 White Vertical Bars on Triangle Pennant) Races not started are postponed. The warning will be made 1 minute after removal of “AP”3 sounds.
      Abandonment Signal“N” Flag (Blue and White Checkerboard Pattern) All races are abandoned, return to the starting area. The warning signal will be made 1 minute after removal of “N”3 sounds
      “N over A” flags (vertical blue and white swallowtail) All races are abandoned, no more racing today.
      3 sounds
  4. Format of Racing
    1. The Sundown Series is comprised of TWO series of SIX races each. Races are run on Tuesday evenings.
    2. Spring Series: May 23rd to June 27th and Summer Series: July 11th to August 29th.
    3. Sequence
      StartClassStandard CourseShortenend
      1PHRF A (<=117)12
      2Cruising(ASYM) Class12
      4PHRF B (120-179)23
      5CAL 2523
      6PHRF C (>=180)23

      PHRF Handicapping is applied in scoring using ‘Time on Distance’ calculations.

  5. Racing area
    1. Addendum A ‘2017 GPSC Sundown Series’, chart shows the general location, approximate range, approximate bearings in one direction and the approximate Latitude and Longitude of each mark of the course. The area is in the South Western portion
      of Lake St. Clair.
    2. Race Course Descriptions
      Marks to Starboard (Green flag or shape)Marks to Port (Red flag or shape)
      Course 1Distance = 6.7nm Start – B – C – A – B – C – FinishDistance = 6.7nm Start – C – B – A – C – B – Finish
      Course 2Distance = 4.6nm Start – B – C – FinishDistance = 4.6nm Start – C – B – Finish
      Course 3Distance = 3.8nm Start – B – A – FinishDistance = 3.8nm Start – A – B – Finish
    3. Buoy Descriptions and Approximate Locations
      • Mark A
        • Lake St. Clair Navigation Buoy 2
        • Approximate Position
          • 42°21.904’N
          • 082°53.872’W
      • Mark B
        • Lake St. Clair Navigation Buoy 3
        • Approximate Position
          • 42°22.454’N
          • 082°53.306’W
      • Mark C
        • GPSC Orange Floating Buoy
          • 42°21.865’N
          • 082°52.799’W
            Note: Latitude and Longitude are in degrees and decimal minutes not degrees, minutes and seconds.
    4. The course will not be shortened for any individual class after that class has started. This changes rule 32.1.
    5. Legs of the courses will not be changed from the Course Tables. This changes rule 33.
  6. The Start
    1. When it is 1 minute to 1st class: Warning (or a subsequent warning if a class starting sequence was stopped by the Race Committee), No flag raised. A few short horn sounds.
      5 minutes to StartWarningClass flag raised,1 sound
      4 minutes to StartPreparatory“P” flag raised,1 sound
      1 minute to Start1 Minute“P” flag lowered,1 long sound
      Class StartStartStarting class flag lowered & next remaining class flag raised.1 sound

      The first warning signal will be at or about 1855 hours unless committee delays start.

    2. NUMERAL PENNANTS corresponding to the start number will be used as CLASS FLAGS.
    3. Races will be started with the warning signal made 5 minutes before the starting signal.
    4. Start times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence or error of a sound signal shall be disregarded.
    5. The starting line will be between the flagpole displaying the RC flag near the upstream corner of the Grosse Pointe Park marina seawall and a floating orange inflatable or ridged buoy near the channel.
    6. A restricted area lies between the Starting Line and a line from a GREEN flag on the Dock and a GREEN floating flag or shape in the water. Any boat entering this area between the first warning signal of the day and their class warning signal shall be subject to protest by the race committee. Infraction of this rule is not subject to protest by another boat. (This changes rule RRS 60.1)
  7. The Finish
    1. The finish line will be between the flagpole on the upstream corner of the Grosse Pointe Park marina seawall and an inflatable or rigid orange buoy near the channel.
  8. Time Limits
    1. The time limit for all classes to complete their course, as required by rule 28.1, is 2 hours.
    2. Boats failing to finish within 1 hour after the first boat in their class finishes, as required by rule 28.1, shall be scored ‘Did Not Finish'(DNF). This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.
  9. Protests and Requests for Redress
    1. Protest forms are available on line at gpsc.org or the U.S. Sailing website
    2. Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered to the dockside Race Committee staff or the Grosse Pointe Park Windmill Pointe guardhouse within the appropriate time limit.
    3. For each class the time limit for delivery of the written protest to either collection location is 2 hours after finishing or the time limit has expired (reference RRS 61.3).
    4. The time and place of protest hearings, if any, will be posted on gpsc.org. The intention is to get them up within 48 hours of the completion of each race.
  10. Scoring
    1. Each series standing will be determined by the “QuickScore” Race Scoring Program utilizing its high point scoring method and calculations for race results and tie breaking. Awarded for each race:
      STARTING and FINISHING:1 point
      DSQ, DNF, OCS, BFD, DNE:0 Points: but count as boats defeated for the purpose of scoring other boats in the race.
    2. Points will be totaled separately for Spring and Summer Race Series.
    3. There will be one throw-out race per race series. Races canceled by the race committee do not count as a throw-out unless there are 2 or more canceled in a series in which case all races not canceled will be scored.
    4. DSQ’s cannot be thrown out.
    5. The race with the lowest point score for the individual racer will be used as the throw out.
    6. Races canceled for any reason will reduce the total number of series races by one for each cancellation.
    7. Ties for awards will be resolved using “QuickScore” Race Scoring Program, high point system. This changes RRS A8.
    8. For each class in a series; First, Second, and Third place flags will be awarded.
  11. Retiring from the race
    1. A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible. The race committee operates on Channel 68 and can be contacted on this channel when able to do so, pending performance of other tasks.
  12. Radio Communication
    1. The Race Committee communicates with the Mark Set and Patrol Boats on Channel 68. The start sequence countdown may be broadcast on this channel. GPSC Sundown Series SI 6.4 still applies in all cases.
  13. Changes, Errors, Omissions
    1. Monitor GPSC.org Sundown Series race page in the race section of the website for changes to the Sailing Instructions (SI) to correct errors or omissions in the original SI document. Changes to class splits may occur up until the week of the first race but not thereafter due to late registrations. Report errors and omissions, or direct questions to gpsc.racechair@gmail.com.
  14. Waiver of Liability
    1. Refer to RRS Appendix K, paragraph 20 and Appendix L, instruction 29. Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury. Competitors in this event are participating entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race.
  15. Canadian Waters
    1. This is our understanding of Canadian border rules effective May 2012. When entering Canadian waters, even if only tacking in and out of Canadian waters, the Skipper of the boat must report in to Canadian authorities (cell phone is OK). However, if the boat entering Canadian waters intends to land on Canadian soil, the Skipper would contact Canadian authorities upon landing.
      U.S. authorities do not seem unduly interested in boats sailing around in Canadian waters unless you meet another boat, anchor in Canadian waters, sail into Canadian canals or approach closely to the Canadian shore. A prudent sailor will check with authorities. Boarder policies and interpretations seem to be in flux.
GPSC Sundown Course
GPSC Sundown Course – click on the image to open a full size version.